Puerto Vallarta (2018)

Let’s Go!

After my Corsican adventure that ended up being filled with cancellations and delays, I wanted a Spring Break trip where I could just lay on the beach for 3 days with a drink in hand and no museums or adventures on the docket. For as much as I travel, I had never been to Mexico and after finding a direct flight from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta, my cousin and I were off! We flew United there, but opted for Volaris on the way back, with a layover in Mexico City. Our flights were about $575 round trip, yet this was Spring Break season, so we couldn’t really find a better deal. The layover in Mexico City was about 3 hours, but with my Chase Sapphire Reserve credit card, I had lounge access. We had a few drinks, ate from the buffet, and relaxed on some leather recliners while waiting for our red eye back to Chicago. Not a bad deal!

What I Packed

We went at the end of March and temperatures couldn’t have been more ideal. Mid-80s during the day and 60s at night. Since we didn’t have any plans other than beach bumming around, I packed bathing suits, shorts, sun dresses, end of list. One cardigan for night time, but I ended up not even wearing it.

How I Got Around

We walked everywhere, as that is my favorite way to see new tows. We Uber-ed to and from the airport – a 20 minute ride that would have cost $30 in America, but only $4 in Mexico.

Where I Stayed

We rented an AirBnb literally around the corner from the beach. Perfect location and totally safe. It was a large studio with a bigger than king sized bed and 3 couches. More than enough room for the 2 of us and only $200 for 3 nights. It was also around the corner from Señor Frogs, which ended up being terribly convenient.

What I Ate


We ate at Señor Frogs multiple times. Drinks were cheap, food was good, and as stated above, it was around the corner from our apartment! The best meal we had was slightly more expensive (read: way more expensive) at Café des Artistes. A lovely Mexican French fusion restaurant, we opted for the 6-course prix fixe menu. We also were sure to make reservations and requested a seat in the garden. Such a lovely experience and highly recommended! Other restaurants we just stumbled upon – didn’t have one bad meal!

What I Did

Ate, drank, laid on the beach. Repeat.
This all day.


We felt very safe the entire time we were there as it is a very touristy city and we stuck to the main parts of town. At night, there was lots of live music and street performers, and also lots of police presence. There were lots of crowds, so we were sure to keep our purses close as it seemed like a pickpocket haven, but we had no issues.

Tips and Tricks

If you have AT&T cell service, then you can use your phone in Mexico with no international charges! It was fantastic, especially when calling an Uber, or searching Yelp for reviews.

As mentioned before, PV was very touristy – definitely not an authentic Mexican experience at all. Go if you want to detach from the real world and drink your troubles away, but don’t expect to be immersed in culture – that will have to be my next trip south of the border!


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